Qingdao Bangkai KOREA PHARM & BIO 2019 was a complete success


The 8th Korea International Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Exhibition KOREA PHARM & BIO was held on April 16-18, 2018 at the Seoul International Exhibition Center in South Korea. It is jointly sponsored by the Korean Pharmaceutical Association (KPMA) and Kyungyon Exhibition Co., Ltd. The most professional exhibition in the industry. Now it has developed into the largest industrial exhibition in the Korean pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. With the development and globalization of the Korean pharmaceutical market, the Korea International Chemical and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Exhibition Korea Pharm can help your company develop the Korean market and is also the best platform to increase the visibility of goods and services.

Qingdao Bangkai exhibited with a variety of chromatographic professional materials. While gaining the favor of customers, it also further understood the needs of customers in purification and different industries, grasped the new trend of the market, and laid a more solid foundation for the further development of enterprises Help the industry to find high-quality and cheap product solutions.

Qingdao Bangkai participated in this exhibition as a leader in the chromatographic separation material industry and achieved great success. Successfully introduced our company's main products, column chromatography silica gel, thin layer chromatography plate, chromatography packing and FLASH column.