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About Bangkai

Founded in 2009, Bangkai is a enterprise focusing on the R & D, production, sales and service of silica gel based materials for more than ten years.

We have: production lines of various series of chromatography materials, designing of new high-efficiency separation materials, controllable customization of silica gel adsorption and separation performance, design and application of overall scheme of separation and preparation.

We are a stable supplier of bio medicine, plant extraction, fine chemicals, food safety, scientific analysis, petrochemicals and many other industries, with a wealth of product lines and high-quality technical services driven by innovation.

Our company can provide a variety of chromatographic consumables which related to sample pre-treatment - purification - analysis, customized development of separation  materials according to customer needs, also can provide separation and purification process upgrading and project construction services. Our products are various, complete specifications and cost-effective, which is high praised by customers.

Based In China And Serving The World