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Irregular silica 60Å,90Å

Irregular silica 60Å,90Å

This product is a kind of strong polar solid adsorbent with strong carrying capacity. Due to its different adsorption retention time for different components, the mixed components can be separated and purified. We can produce a series of silica gel products with an average pore diameter of 20 Å - 20000 Å to adapt to the separation and purification of substances with different properties, molecular weight and molecular structure.

Typical advantages

Excellent adsorption performance

Good thermal stability

Stable chemical properties

High purity and low metal content

Strong bearing capacity and good separation effect

Main application

It has an ideal separation effect on properties, structure similarity and isomers. It is suitable for the selective adsorption and purification of isomers from multicomponent solutions.

SPE and flash fillers.

Biochemical research, thin layer chromatography for plate making.

It is suitable for rapid separation.

Customized service

We can provide customers with customized services of particle size, metal content, pH and so on.

Storage and transportation

Store under normal temperature and airtight condition to avoid rain, damp and sun exposure. Please seal the package again after opening.

The product has strong hygroscopic capacity and should be stored in a dry place. There should be a shelf between the package and the ground.

Aviation and maritime identification are available for transportation.

Safety and health

MSDS is available.

Packaging and packaging customization


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