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Silica gel based irregular chromatography packing


We use advanced technology to bond C18, C8, phenyl, nitrile, amino and other functional groups on the basis of our own high-purity and low metal content silica gel. We can also bond different groups according to your requirements.

Typical advantages

Narrow particle size range

Good separation effect

High capacity, reusable

Suitable for large-scale application of industrial purification

High reproducibility between batches

Main application

Due to its high specific surface area and excellent mechanical stability, it is very suitable for SPE, flash and industrial scale separation and purification.

This product can replace the same kind of imported products, and it is an ideal choice for modern pharmaceutical enterprises and fine chemical industry to upgrade their processes.

Physical and chemical data

Storage and transportation

Store under normal temperature and airtight condition. Please seal again after opening the package.

Packaging and packaging customization

50g / bottle, 500g / bottle, 1kg / barrel, etc.

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