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TLC aluminum foil plate

TLC aluminum foil plate

Our chromatographic silica gel plate is made of Bangkai high-purity thin-layer chromatography silica gel powder as adsorbent, new organic adhesive, full-automatic coating equipment and uniform silica gel coating on glass.

Typical advantages

Uniform particle size, ultra-low metal content

New adhesive, high temperature resistance and stable quality

Fully automatic board laying equipment, uniform thickness, avoiding manual error

Good separation effect, up to 16 substances can be effectively separated

Main application

The product is widely used in the scientific research and detection of medicine, chemical industry, biochemistry, environmental protection, public security and other systems. It has a good separation effect for some trace and complex compounds, and is very suitable for qualitative and rapid detection.

Storage and transportation

Packing, storage and transportation: packed in cartons, please keep the unused products closed.

Packaging and packaging customization

Specification:2.5-7.5cm, 5*10cm, 10*10cm, 10*20cm, 20*20cm

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